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Just 10 Lucky Mentees Can Participate

Build Your Business Leveraging The Power of An Unstoppable Mentor Who Strategizes With You and Is Leading You Step By Step, Holding You Accountable to Take Massive Action

WANTED: Individuals who want to move their business forward Ö yet find themselves struggling with fear about the future and not able to get themselves to take the action necessary to move their business or project forward.


  • Fed up with the success of your business so far and discouraged that itís not where you hoped it would be?

  • Unclear as to how to ask the right kinds of questions to create an emotional bond with your prospects?

  • Frustrated by prospects wanting to think it over instead of commit to action?

  • Worried that business is not good and youíll just have to wait it out?

  • Feeling stuck and donít know how to get out of it?

  • Wanting additional support to take your business to the next level?

It can be challenging to manage all of the details of building a business in a great economy, much less being bombarded by negative messages that can at times make the most optimistic person quiver.

With all the doom and gloom projections on the economy today, I've spoken with so many people concerned or downright fearful about their future.  And I KNOW that they’re putting their attention on the wrong place that will only lead them to more suffering, despair, and staying stuck with no prospect of a greater future.

That's why I want to invite you to take a deep breath and let me support you. I want to first help you realize that YOU determine your economy, not CNN... and with some support and guidance, you can turn around your thinking from lack and limitation, to truly seeing the amazing opportunity that is before you.  In doing so, it will help you actually thrive in this economy, experiencing the success, income and future you deserve instead of being stuck in fear and paralysis.

You'll get intimate access to my most valuable strategies, shortcuts, systems, tools and resources within my elite mentorship, the Unstoppable Success Mentorship Program. I have only offered this mentorship program twice before ... and it sold out in just days!

PLUS a limited opportunity bonus worth $3,000 for the 10 lucky individuals who are selected.

cynthia-kerseyHello, I'm Cynthia Kersey...

Taking just 2 minutes to read this letter can shave years of frustration from your life and help you breakthrough and conquer your biggest goals...

Since I started my Unstoppable 30 and 90 Day Challenge coaching programs over 10 years ago there have been countless people who have called me and asked me for private 1-on-1 coaching that would provide closer direction, insights and strategies to support them in moving their businesses forward.

While they got great results and value from the coaching program, they wanted more.  More personal attention, more accountability, and more interactions with me to streamline their actions to the quickest way to get to where they wanted to go – whether it's the next level, more money, greater recognition, more customers, etc. 

I've shied away from such programs in the past because... well, frankly...because I know the time commitment involved and I just don't have that kind of time available... and even if I did, most people wouldn't be able to afford it, as I am regularly hired by companies for upwards of $15,000 for a single presentation.

So, as a general practice I have rarely offered 1-on-1 training or accepted coaching groups smaller than 20 members in the past.   And my latest programs are ranging from 30-40 members.

Up until now...

In a time when the lead news stories focus on business downsizing, the rising costs of gas and groceries and general economic turmoil, it is hard to avoid feeling the “recession depression.” But as business owners we have two choices: we can let the media send us into panic mode or we can view the economic downturn as an opportunity.

This is a time in the economy when millionaires are made. While some businesses are giving up and closing their doors, their competitors are seizing opportunities. Which side would you rather be on? Now is the time for you to rise above it—to stay a step ahead of your competition and reject the recession!

And I am convinced that with support, guidance and accountability, you'll be able to get past the clouds to see the HUGE pot of gold that's truly attainable in a time like this.

So now because of critical demand, I’ve decided to say "YES" to your request and take on a FEW more mentoring students who I will work with in a smaller, more intimate and intensive group training program and even include a handful of 1-on-1 training sessions.

This Group of 10 Mentees Will
Launch on February 10, 2010

The reason you’re getting this invitation is because I’m offering something special.  You know I rarely offer one on one coaching and when I do, it’s expensive.  I get emails from people all over who tell me how powerful the Unstoppable Challenge Coaching was and how it significantly impacted not only their external results in their business, but also their internal world and how they deal with themselves and their limiting beliefs that held them back in the past.

Yet, the one request I get over and over is that people want more access to me.  They would love to strategize with me directly about their business and get personal advice on the most important things they should be doing to make the changes in their lives they deeply desire.

Out of this demand, I’ve decided to offer an elite mentorship program which includes:

1.  Personal access to me.  You’ll receive 4 one on one private sessions … This is only for 10 people because there is only one of me, and I only have time to do 4 one-on-one calls for 10 people.  This is not a gimmick. 

2.  10 weeks of mentorship coaching webinars – I am limiting the team to 10 people.  I’ll be teaching new cutting edge strategies that will lead you to master the inner game of success. Additionally, I’ll be interacting with you on the webinars, providing you with support to identify the most important actions and strategies you need to move your business or your project forward and how to be most effective in those activities.

The Unstoppable Success Mentorship Program will begin on February 10, 2010, starting at 5:00pm PST, with a 10-Week Intensive Mentorship Coaching where you will gain clarity around and begin executing the specific action steps to take your business to the next level and reach your goal.

Before you read about the many other features of the Unstoppable Success Mentorship Program, take a look at all you will get during ten, 90-minute webinars in the 10-Week Intensive Training Program.

Here are just some of the modules we’ll be covering:

- How To Develop & Implement Your Personal Business Plan

It is a sad fact that most of the low-performing entrepreneurs spend more time planning their vacations than planning their careers. In this session you will learn how to prepare your personal sales plan, analyze your strategic strengths and weaknesses, and establish personal financial goals that are meaningful to you. Then you will learn how to take this plan and implement it on a monthly, weekly and daily basis – even down to each prospecting call.

- Time Management For Unstoppable Success

Here you will learn all the basics of using your #1 scarce resource – TIME – and how to leverage it to your sales advantage. A lot of entrepreneurs working 60 hours a week could accomplish much more in half the time if they knew how to work more efficiently. At the end of this session you will leave highly FOCUSED, aware of where your time is going and how to stay on track. The best part about our system is that you will have the tools to not only work smarter, but have more time to do the things that you value most. 

- Achievement – Understanding the Core Success Factors

  • You have an inner belief boundary that defines who you are, what’s possible for you to achieve and what life rewards you deserve to enjoy.
  • Your sales and life circumstances wonít significantly change until you release the need to hold on to these old beliefs and move past them to new goals

- Breakthrough – Shattering Your Blocks to Success

  • Delving into and empowering your view of selling, your abilities, values, sense of worthiness and having belief in your product or services.

- Mastering the Inner Game of Success

  • Selling people the way customers want to buy

  • Developing stronger levels of self-confidence

  • Igniting a dynamic prosperity consciousness that is limitless

  • Generating more business and respect from prospects and customers

  • Gaining immediate trust and attracting people who want to do business with you

  • Bringing your intellectual, emotional and spiritual dimensions into alignment in order to create the business of your dreams.

"This has been a profound experience for me as Iíve gained invaluable insight & knowledge to move my business forward"

"Cynthiaís program helped me gain clarity about my specialty, my niche & specific ideas on how to market/position myself to find my clients.

I learned how much emotions impact our selling ability. This has been a profound experience for me as Iíve gained invaluable insight & knowledge to move my business forward & I now have a totally new perspective of selling.

The information is imperative not only for anyone in business/sales but for the self awareness of limiting beliefs & emotions. This program was fun, interactive and Iíve learned insights and tools that Iíll use forever."

Thank you Cynthia!

-Amanda Taylor


"I have achieved a new level of confidence in the ability to move forward and achieve my goals and objectives not only in my business but in other areas of my professional and personal life."

"In my opinion your training course is the most important training course that I have ever experienced. Every action we do, say, or think is subject by our mental programming. Acquiring the knowledge to understand how to automatically overcoming our false limiting beliefs is priceless. Replacing ďwill powerĒ with a truthful, positively empowering and emotionally driven automatic internal response is the most self-empowering tool I believe you can acquire from any training program.

If the material that is taught in this course is consistently applied, anyone who utilizes it can achieve any objective they desire and will indeed be unstoppable!"

-David Hetland


"This course has completely changed my life. Itís not a program, itís a life altering experience."

-Kathi Brunton


Why Hands-On Mentoring Works

I have been coaching people for more than a decade now and have watched as their businesses have grown to be profitable and successful. But it doesn't end there... I have also watched as each of my students personal lives have flourished. You see, as your mentor, I will encourage, motivate, inspire, and challenge you every step of the way. Because of this, classes are small and intimate.

Throughout the entire 10-week mentoring process you will be working with a small group of only 10 people who, like you, are committed to achieving success. So, not only will you have the benefit of working with an experienced mentor, but you will also be motivated as you witness the success that your team members will experience in their personal, professional and financial lives by working through the same program that you are working. As they attain their goals, it will give you the motivation to continue, even when you have doubts or encounter obstacles.

The Unstoppable Success Mentorship Program 10 week course is about to begin…But I can only take 10 people!

Join this group of people committed to living an unstoppable life—inside and out. This program will bring the solutions you need to the forefront to move your business forward - not just handing you information, but working with you for real results that you will see.   I can help you past your blocks to the financial success you deserve—many people have doubled and tripled their income with my programs.  Imagine what you can do with this small intimate group and 2 one-on-one mentoring sessions.

Important...Couple things to note

It’s Been Proven... Professional Mentoring, Coaching and Consulting Is The Single Most Important Key To Successfully Attaining Goals

40% of the Fortune 500 companies hire professional mentors, coaches and/or consultants for their executive team and experts say that number is on the rise.

The executives interviewed estimated that the Return On Investment was 6 times the cost!


Guaranteed, Four Private Sessions of 1-on-1
Telementoring With Cynthia

While the ten, 90-minute group webinars will no doubt allow for tons of personalized training since I am only accepting a MAX of 10 mentees, I have also earmarked FOUR, 30-minute private phone sessions for EACH mentee... This guarantees that you will have 100% confidential 1-on-1 time with me to truly guide and mentor you to jump to the next goal level... which is something I have ONLY OFFERED for outside company consultations and THIS mentoring program. I will delve deep into your business and your goals and strategize how to make your business unstoppable and do an audit of your skills and how you can leverage them.

Considering that I have made between $10,000 - $15,000 for a one-hour presentation, this is an absolute priceless perk of the Unstoppable Success Mentorship Program.

Plus Bonus Mentoring Program Tools Valued At $743

2 Audio Workshops Featuring Bob Proctor and Cynthia Kersey, Training You to Turn Your Annual Income into a Monthly Income


Bob Proctor is widely regarded as one of the living masters and teachers of The Secret and has worked in the area of mind potential for over 40 years. He is a direct link to the modern science of success and The Law of Attraction, stretching back to Andrew Carnegie, the great financier and philanthropist.

Why do some people seem to have it all?

It’s not luck. It’s something else. There are powerful forces at work in your life right now—natural laws of the universe that either work with us or against us called the Law of Attraction.

Every single thing in your life right now -- your job, relationships, money, health, and all that you have intellectually, emotionally and spiritually -- is a reflection of your beliefs. Your belief has the power to attract your deepest desires and so much more.

If you want prosperity, abundance, good health, inner peace and joy, loving relationships—whatever it is, YOU can attract this into your life TODAY.

Now, in this exclusive interview, you can listen to two of my sold-out Increase Your Income Challenge teaching sessions – Turn Your Annual Income into a Monthly Income featuring 2 downloadable interviews with Bob.



Unstoppable Success Audio Series – Special series of my  interviews with some of the best selling authors and leaders in Personal Development


In this series of NINE personal development audio mp3's you will hear from:

  • Debbie Ford - The Best Year of Your Life, The Right Questions and Why Good People Do Bad Things: How to Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy

  • Colin Tipping - Radical Forgiveness

  • Marci Shimoff - Happy For No Reason

  • Chris Attwood - The Passion Test

  • Peggie Pelosi - Corporate Karma

  • Marcia Wieder - America's Dream Coach

  • Bob Burg - Recession Proof Your Business



This Mentoring Program Is Not Right For Everyone and Is Limited to Only 10 Individuals Who MUST Interview to Secure a Coveted Slot

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In order to keep our team effectively on track as we go through the process, I need to be sure that you are ready for coaching and ready to step up to the challenge

To allow me to answer your questions about the coaching program in a 1 on 1 setting

During our interview I will help you evaluate your current situation to confirm that you are an ideal match and ready for my Unstoppable Success Mentorship Program.

Only serious individuals, who are ready for success should request an interview, but hurry because space is limited to only a few more team members!


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